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The Finance Syndicate is boutique group of independent asset finance brokers who work closely together to streamline processes and centralise essential business services not usually provided by Aggregators. The amalgamation of firms from different states ultimately results in more efficient growth, greater revenue, further geographic reach, and most importantly, a fun culture of likeminded successful brokers who enjoy what they do.

Every broking firm incurs costs for marketing, systems, administration, and support. However, the centralising of such business services under The Finance Syndicate model leads to a cost reduction for individual firms, but greater output.

The Finance Syndicate model avoids re-inventing the wheel and instead utilises the same resources across multiple different businesses. This structure enables each member firm to maintain the boutique nature of a smaller business, however benefit from the economies of scale of working together.

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One 80 Financial Services

Corporate Finance & Leasing

Australian Machinery Finance

Bluefire Finance

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If you are an asset finance broker looking to grow & leverage your business by joining a group of professional finance brokers who work together to provide systems and services not offered by aggregators, then email us today.

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